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There are so many people who prefer spending on a Refurbished iPhone rather than investing money on new one. There are so many good reasons to do so and few of them we have mentioned below.

1. Lower Price & Same Functions:

Refurbished iPhone works or functions as new one and you have to pay lower price for it. What would be better than this? Refurbished phones technically work like new ones. Many companies like Media Monster also offers 3 years warranty on refurbished products. It will get repaired by company, if any fault arises. This is applicable on almost all the refurbished products offered by this company. You can check more about these products by just visiting You can get phones in best condition and it makes best value of your money. They are good as new. You can get a new opportunity to get best phones within affordable prices. Those people who want to own an iPhone but have limited budget, they can find this option beneficial. Getting used phone with better condition and features has become easier.

2. Longer lifecycle than expected:

Some people think that refurbished phones have short life cycle, sdddfsdfsdfsdsadsadsabut this is not true. Professionals repair these phones and bad parts/batteries are replaced by new ones. The whole process raises the lifespan of phone to a new level. You can save a lot by purchasing a refurbished phone. It is easy to find out best phone within your budget. Some companies also offer you a great chance to save money, if you sell old phone to them and buy refurbished one.

3. Warranty:

Some companies offer warranty for all their refurbished products. You can easily get issues fixed, if product is under warranty.

4. An ecological choice:

Buying refurbished one is better for the environment too. Everybody knows that all electronic products like phones impact the environment. By buying a refurbished one, you can make sure that your phone does not cause any damage to environment directly as you get chance to buy already used/created phone. This is all about reducing the carbon footprint related with your iPhone or any other electronic product.

Better quality:

You can get better quality than second hand phones by getting the refurbished one. You should always choose a reliable retailer to get such phone. They go through extensive testing and inspection process and you can always get the best quality. If you buy a second hand phone directly from the owner, you can get second hand device with many issues. You may get unpleasant surprise, but such issue does not occur in case of refurbished one. You get tested and inspected phone that offers you best functions.

You should visit to know more about the refurbished products. It offers 3 years warranty and all devices are fully reconditioned. They are professionally tested and you can get the best quality within best price, so go for it.

A propos:MediaMonster

Votre MediaMonster à Bruxelles,
c'est la vente de PC et GSM occasions reconditionnés tels que :
« PC portable , ordinateur fixe ,
iMac , MacBook , iPhone , iPad »

Nous effectuons aussi la réparation de vos appareils avec un devis gratuit.

MediaMonster est une entreprise belge située à Bruxelles et créée en février 2014, elle s’adresse aux particuliers, PME, écoles et indépendants afin de leurs proposer du matériel informatique et multimédia professionnel entièrement reconditionné.


  • Téléphone :
    0488 / 44 . 55 . 54
    02 / 479 . 00 . 82
  • E-MAIL :
  • Adresse:
    63, Avenue Houba De Strooper
    1020 Laeken - Bruxelles
  • Horaire d'ouverture
    Lundi - Samedi : 10h à 18h30
    Vendredi : 10h à 12h30 et 15h à 18h30

PourquoiMediaMonster ?

Jusqu’à 3 ans de garantie sur nos produits reconditionnés
Du matériel professionnel testé et entièrement reconditionné
Conseil personnalisé selon vos besoins.
Réduction en échange de la reprise de votre ancien pc portable même défectueux


Media Monster

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