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Address: Houba De Strooperlaan , 63 1020 Brussel

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MediaMonster is a young Belgian company that saw the light in February 2014. It addresses private individuals, SMEs, schools and self-employed with a wide range of fully refurbished professional computers and multimedia devices.

We always have one stock of more than 800 laptops et desktops,tablets and smartphones in front of the majority of professional models.

Moreover, MediaMonster has its own workshop for the after-sales and repair service, with a considerable stock of parts on the one hand to be able to provide a fast, customized service and, on the other hand, a possible one 3-year warranty on our reconditioned products.


Houba De Strooper Avenue, 63
1020 Brussels
We are open from Monday to Saturday from
10h00 to 18h30. However, we make a break on
Friday from 12:30 to 15:00.

About: MediaMonster

Your MediaMonster in Brussels , sells second hand refurbished computers and smartphone such as:
«Laptop, Desktop,
iMac, MacBook, iPhone and iPad »

We also make the repair and maintenance of your devices with a free estimate.

MediaMonster in Brussels is a young Belgian company that saw the light in 2014. The is aimed at individuals, SMEs, schools and the self-employed with a wide range of completely refurbished professional computers and multimedia devices.


  • Phone :
    0488 / 44 . 55 . 54
    02 / 479 . 00 . 82
  • E-MAIL :
  • Address:
    63, Houba De Strooperlaan
    1020 Laeken - Brussels
  • Opening hours
    Monday - Saturday : 10h - 18h30
    Friday : 10h - 12h30 and 15h - 18h30

Why MediaMonster ?

Up to 3 years warranty on our overhauled products.
Tested professional equipment and completely overhauled.
Personal advice if needed.
Reduction in exchange for your old laptop even defective.


Media Monster

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