Address:    63, Avenue Houba de Strooper 1020 Laeken - Brussels


State: Perfect !

349 €

MediaMonster offers you this Lenovo ThinkPad laptop
t450 with 3 year warranty, one model
professional, very powerful, with a screen of 14.1
inches 1600 * 900 pixels.

Super powerful working machine, light and pleasant to use!

Main Features :

• Magnesium alloy shell and metal hinges
very resistant
• Condition: reconditioned and refurbished
• 14.1 ’LED 1600 * 900 Pixel display
• Intel Core i5-5300u 2.3 Ghz processor with TuboBoost at 2.9 Ghz
• 8GB DDR3
• 256 Gb SSD disk
• Intel HD Graphics 5500 with Mini Display Port / HDMI
• Wifi AC + Bluetooth 4.0, 1GB ethernet, 4G Ready
• 3 x USB 3.0, card reader,
• Backlit and water resistant azerty or qwerty keyboard
• Battery: 5 hours of battery life or more
• Operating system: Windows 10 Pro or Linux
• Word & Excel 2010, Microsoft Security Essentials, Skype

• Office 2019 Pro Plus License: + 59 €
• Supplied with charger
• Ready to use

This refurbished product from computer parks has undergone the following steps in our workshop:

• Testing of hardware components and refurbishment if necessary
• Internal and external cleaning and dusting
• Reinstalling the operating system and latest updated drivers

• This refurbished product has a 3 year warranty. Ask for our conditions in store.

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MediaMonster is the #1 store when it comes to second hand / refurbished PCs and mobile phones such as:
« laptop , desktop , iMac , MacBook , iPhone , iPad , among other things .»
MediaMonster is a Belgian company created in February 2014, We provide to freelancers, SMEs, schools with professional fully refurbished IT and multimedia equipments.



  3 year standard warranty on all our desktops and laptops
  Professional equipment tested and fully reconditioned.
  Personalized advice according to your needs.
  Reduction in exchange for the return of your old laptop, even defective.